My Review of Breakin’ Convention at The Sony Centre for Performing Arts

Hi MOMS, This past weekend, I went to see Breakin’ Convention at The Sony Centre for Performing Arts. I knew I was going to be watching breakdancing but what I didn’t realize was how intricately dynamic the performances were going to be. There were dancers from around the world showcasing their amazing talents. I was truly blown away by their abilities and crowing pleasing moves! One of the highlights of […]

My Review of LEGOLAND Discovery Centre!!

Hi MOMS, This past weekend, we celebrated my son’s 6th birthday at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre at Vaughan Mills. I have to say, they went above and beyond to ensure that my guests were happy and well fed. From the moment you walk into this LEGOLAND paradise, you’re transformed to a space where your imagination takes over. Some of the features include: LEGO 4D Movie (I won’t tell you what happens […]

My Review of Rent frock Repeat!!

My Review of Rent frock Repeat: I recently had the pleasure of attending a fitting party with my girlfriend, Carly at Rent frock Repeat. I went into the experience not knowing exactly what to expect. I was so pleasantly surprised from the time that we arrived at their new Commerce Court – downtown Toronto PATH location. We were warmly greeted and given a tour of the facility. I really liked […]

My Review of PJ Masks LIVE – Sony Centre for Performing Arts

My review of PJ Masks LIVE – Time to Be a Hero:   My boys are HUGE fans of PJ Masks and they were BEYOND excited when I told them we were going. My eldest explains his LOVE of the show by saying, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko are him and his siblings.   I see we aren’t the only ones who love them. At the show itself there were MANY […]

My Review of Lady Gaga’s #ARTBIRTH

My Review of Lady Gaga’s #ARTBIRTH I recently went to see the acclaimed lady gaga impersonator, Athena Reich perform #ARTBIRTH – under the guise of the directorial greatness of Sara Schwartz Geller Productions. This is no ordinary production, Athena puts on a fantastic spectacle of singing and dancing that rivals Lady Gaga’s own showmanship. Athena’s voice is pitch perfect and her athleticism is something to aspire towards (yet most of us fail to do so :-)). The back-up dancers […]

My Review of Aquatics Academy Swim School

My Review of Aquatics Academy Swim School!! I recently signed up my boys for classes at Aquatics Academy Swim School after reading about them through a post on Facebook. I went to see the facility and was impressed by the following factors: I was immediately greeted by welcoming staff including the co-owner, Rebecca. She was super knowledgeable about swimming (having an extensive background in the field). She explained the various levels (badges) and expectations […]

My Review of Day Out with Thomas!!

My Review of Day Out with Thomas!! I recently went with my family to Day Out with Thomas and from the moment we arrived till the time we left we had a FANTASTIC experience. Our day began with the hour plus drive to Uxbridge – who knew it was so far! 😉 While the kids were getting antsy after the first 5 minutes, they quickly realized what was in store once we arrived. We stood in a very […]

My Review of Sky Zone Trampoline Park!!

My Review of Sky Zone Trampoline Park!! I recently went with my family to Sky Zone Toronto and from the moment we walked in till the time we left we had the BEST time. Let’s start this review by first pointing out the obvious: I’m not in shape. I’ve had 3 kids who have done a number on my body! 😉 I didn’t think I was going to sweat as much as I did. […]

My Review of Chefs Plate’s Meals (Week of June 26, 2017)

My Review of Chefs Plate’s Meals (Week of June 26, 2017): I have three words for this testimonial: Fresh, Easy and Delicious. Those three words effectively sum up my experience using Chefs Plate’s services. I opened up the door and found a big brown box filled with various fresh Ontario-grown produce, pesticide and hormone free meat (chicken and beef) and sustainably sourced fish (Tilapia). It was like opening up presents on Christmas Day (or in my case, Hanukkah […]

My Review of Rexall Drugstore’s Nosh & Co. (Crunchy Munchy) Product Line!!

My Review of Rexall Drugstore’s Nosh & Co. (Crunchy Munchy) product line: I love when organizations send me food to review. I especially love when the products are SNACKS! I mean who doesn’t love snacks?!! I basically hid in an upstairs room to open the basket. I know my kids (and my husband for that matter) would have devoured the items in ten seconds flat. I knew I had to take cover and peel the layers back slowly […]

My Review of Mary Macleod’s Shortbread Cookies!!

My Review of Mary Macleod’s Shortbread Cookies: I know it’s a hard job eating amazing things so when I was presented with the idea of trying shortbread cookies and their butterscotch bars, I jumped *make that* devoured the opportunity to do so. Here’s my take:   First of all, presentation is EVERYTHING when trying new things. The cookies were in a clear, decorative container. They contained their most popular flavours including: Maple Crunch,  Chocolate Crunch, Dutch Chocolate and Traditional. Each […]

My Review of Shaolin Warriors – Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

My husband and I (and a few friends) went to see Shaolin Warriors at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. For those of you that don’t know, Shaolin Warriors are a group of skilled kung-fu masters who put on an exhilarating show highlighting qigong, animal imitation boxing, drunken boxing artistry among others.   The beginning was beautifully choreographed. The scenery and the music overall was phenomenal. It felt as though we were transported […]

My Review of Ste. Anne’s Spa

My Review of Ste. Anne’s Spa: My husband and I recently celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary at Ste. Anne’s Spa. We went for the day and immediately felt transformed the moment we walked through the doors. We were greeted in a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Friendly staff who provided our itinerary for the day and gave us a tour of the beautiful facilities. We’ve been to a number of spas […]

My Review of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

My Review of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament: My family and I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament for a feast of epic proportions and a spectacle of a performance. From the moment we walked in and received our crown we were transformed to the medieval period. Greetings from the King and Queen were followed by celebratory announcements. The lights went down, the music began and my […]

My Review of James and the Giant Peach – A Young People’s Theatre Production

From the moment we arrived to Young People’s Theatre till the show was over we were truly mesmerized. Incredible set design (colourful/animated); super interactive storyline (poignant and realistic); and truly an unbelievable cast (Spiker and Sponge amongst the others). We (the audience) really felt for James and followed his trials and tribulations on the edge of our seats. While some may find the elements within the production “dark” (the death of his parents), […]

My Review of Cirque Éloize Cirkopolis – Sony Centre for Performing Arts

My review of Cirque Éloize Cirkopolis begins where fantasy meets reality – a truly epic performance by a cast of gifted acrobats:   A remarkable production that involved characters blending into the audience (at the beginning of the show) to the use of slapstick humour in getting the audience to participate. I loved it all. I really did. The music was INCREDIBLE because it was in tune with the movements of the […]

My LEGOLAND Experience

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre: I took my family to LEGOLAND and it was an amazing experience!! My kids were in awe of all the incredible structures and were completely blown away by the LEGO they could play with. Especially the Duplo pieces – a favourite of theirs at home. I liked how the play zone was monitored and kids could truly be free to roam and have fun. The Kingdom Quest ride was super fun […]

My REPTILIA Experience

My REPTILIA Experience Reptilia is truly a large, interactive experience. My family was excited to go and visit and it didn’t disappoint. My kids (4.5 and 3) loved the snakes (obviously) and the alligators. The space itself was large but not overwhelming in terms of the number of displays. The tucked away playground was fun and my kids spent some time going through the tunnels and down the slides. We particularly enjoyed the live show […]

My E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Film with LIVE Orchestra EXPERIENCE

My E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Film with LIVE Orchestra EXPERIENCE: This pre-NYE showing of E.T. backed up by a LIVE orchestra was truly an out of body experience. The film itself in pristine condition brought back positive childhood memories for both my husband and I. The orchestra was phenomenal – never missing a note or beat. The conductor was humourous and an absolute professional. It was truly an incredible experience to watch a film of this […]