Recently I was invited to a very fun and informative event, The Heavy Period Talk Comedy Show. This was put on by the great folks at Ehm&Co. It was filled with influencers, change makers and comedians. It started off with the dynamic duo of Jess Beaulieu & Natalie Norman who have a podcast called, The Crimson Wave and talk all things period related! They shared personal stories of getting their periods and navigating the complicated terrain of relationships. I thought they were so funny! 

After their comedy set, they introduced two well-known gynacologists who talked about the misconceptions behind having a heavy period. One of the main things that particularly stood out for me was that if you’re a woman 40+ and have a heavy period, that isn’t normal. I always thought that a heavy period meant you have a healthy system – little did I know that it’s a misconception. I thought this part of the evening was super informative and important for all women to know and understand.

It was a fabulous night and I’m so glad that I was part of it!



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