We were so lucky to be invited to Kids Day at Pickering Museum Village!!

Pickering Museum Village Arrival

While we haven’t visited before, we found the village to be filled with beautiful historic homes and lush grounds. The kids were also super eager to get (in Zach’s words) “the party started!” 🙂

I will say this was our FIRST family experience, post-lockdown, and it didn’t disappoint! We were super eager to get out and explore and the excitement was palpable!!

Let the drive thru festivities begin!!

Izzy + the mic

The attraction began with a drive thru tour where we were given a recording device, clues and a puzzle to reveal the true identity of Izzy’s code.

I see you, Horse! 😉


The kids were so into this part of our experience and were screaming at every post (and especially when the “characters” emerged). Once the car tour was complete and we revealed the secret code (my lips are sealed!!!!) we headed over to the first historic house for a kids scavenger hunt.

The competition was set and the boys played the “whoever finds the answer first wins.” Lucky for me, there was no prize at the end! 😉 I want to emphasize the amazing staff who from beginning to end, made our experience so special. Even during this portion of the tour where the boys were screaming out answers, our guide was so patient and caring.

One of my favourite spots in our experience was the chapel built in 1835. I joked it was the same year Kevin was born! 😉

It’s magic, kids!!!

After touring the houses we had a really cool ice cream making workshop!

Ice cream!!

There was no machine, no ready made scoops/cones. We make it the classic way and it was so delicious, you could really taste the vanilla bean!!! 😋

Pickering Museum Village did a great job curating this experience for both kids and adults.

I highly recommend visiting them for more family friendly activities (and don’t forget date nights, those are so fun with them too!!!!)

Check them out HERE!




Disclaimer: Compensation and the experience was provided for this review. All comments, opinions, videos and photos are strictly mine.


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