I recently had the pleasure of attending a VERY important event hosted by AbbVie all about Psoriasis.

I was SHOCKED to hear there are over 125 million people living with Psoriasis!


Some KEY takeaways I learned from the event include:

1️⃣ Psoriasis can appear in the genital area and many people don’t TELL their doctor about it (they suffer in silence and alone). What makes this point so staggering is that we as MOMS are so reluctant to share with anyone about what we’re going through (this includes doctors, practitioners and even family/friends).

2️⃣ Psoriasis can affect your mood, behaviour, self-confidence and SEX LIFE (back to the point above). As MOMS, we tend to place priority on EVERYONE except ourselves. That’s why many MOMS (women) suffer in silence and it can lead to long-term and serious consequences.

3️⃣ Stress can lead to an ⬆️ in Psoriasis

4️⃣ Psoriasis, Depression and Anxiety are linked. For many MOMS, this is a sad but true reality.

5️⃣ There’s a significant difference between Psoriasis and Eczema. Psoriasis has well defined, thick, scabby and inflamed areas on the body while Eczema makes your skin literally itch!!! Both of these we tend to HIDE and feel shameful about.

RAVE: Now for the good news, there are various treatment options!!!! Ask your doctor about Skyrizi, it’s a treatment option for Psoriasis that blocks IL-23.

Please don’t suffer alone, speak to a doctor, a health practitioner and someone you trust. If you feel alone, you can always talk to me! I promise I’ll never judge you!!!

Are you part of that staggering statistic? Are you living with Psoriasis or know someone who is?



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