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Yesterday, I attended the most incredible gathering of change-makers and inspiring people (many of whom were MOMS). Everyone had one goal in mind and that was to give back to their community. The notion that WE CAN make a difference is easier then I had imagined. You see, the #locallove campaign addressed the ideas that anyone can help out in their communities. Simple acts of kindness such as donating your old furniture to the #furniturebank can make a difference to someone that is transitioning from homelessness to affordable housing. The options don’t end there! You can gather all your MOM friends and have a soup party courtesy of the #soupsisters – basically you make soup and that goes to feed the hungry. What’s better then that!! You get to feel good about what you’re doing, all the while helping the less fortunate.

I couldn’t think of a better way to look at the event then by repeating the words of the leading figure, Adrienne of the #locallove campaign when she said, “Have fun and change the world!” Wow!! A simple yet powerful statement. We can all make a difference. I urge you to get involved – the first step is signing up for where you can find out more about what you can do to help your community.

Let’s do this mamas!!!



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