Oh What a Night…The Grammys in NYC!!

What a way to start the show with the one and only, Kendrick Lamar. He put on a spectacle of artistry that was filled with important messages and themes and heart pounding beats. I was riveted and enthralled by his performance. I’ve always had a soft spot for hip-hop/rap (I wrote my doctoral thesis in that precise topic) but I truly feel like Kendrick Lamar is an anomaly – smart, current, self-aware and most of all, cognizant of societal issues. He has a voice and that is a powerful thing.

Lady Gaga’s performance of Joanne was breathtaking. It brought back all the feels from her five-foot-two documentary on Netflix. She is a true creative powerhouse and everything from her elaborate and gorgeous gown to her pitch perfect vocals brought me to a place of wanting more from her. I’ll always be a forever fan.

I want to end by discussing Kesha’s moving performance. I felt her emotions as she sang and I cried with the rest of the audience. I believe in her story and stand in full support of her experience and other women who have had to endure abuse and oppressive behaviour. I support the #timesup movement and urge you all to lend your support to this very worthy cause.



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