I love my curls (on most days) but that wasn’t always the case. You see my parents cut my hair when I was a young girl which made it super puffy, frizzy and too difficult to manage. I pretty much lived in hair ties and scrunchies! In my teens/young adulthood, whenever I had time, I would try and straighten it. This was hours of work only to get curly again at any sign of humidity or a drop of sweat/water. In my 20s and early 30s when I was teaching, I would clip my hair up or wear it half up/half down. Some days I would feel satisfied with my hair but rarely overly excited about it.

It’s only when I started having kids did I start to embrace my curls. The way I think/process in my mind is my hair is an extension of me and my personality. I’m a generally positive/happy and confident person so I thought it’s time to fully embrace my curls – because they’re fabulous!! Obviously, it’s amazing when I go to the salon for that extra curl touch up, I don’t think that will ever change! 👍🏻

Seeing Benny and Zoë with their curls only makes me want to teach them to love their appearance (no matter what!) This Saturday post goes out to all the curly hair MOMS out there: embrace your curls because that’s part of what makes you unique! What’s your curly hair story?



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