This past week we went to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament and it was an absolute blast!

I loved the show (and the kids went crazy!!) they were cheering so loudly (we were the BLUE team) that I think that’s why our section WON! 😉

Not only was the show so fun and exciting but the food was equally yummy.

On the menu:

Tomato soup + garlic bread;

Half chicken (such a HUGE portion);

Baked potato + cob of corn (great butter + salt combo);

Lemon cake for dessert + non-alcoholic drinks (pop or juice/coffee or tea).

It was a ton of food and you wouldn’t believe it but the kids get the same portion and their price is way cheaper.

They also have vegetarian, kosher and halal options.

I really appreciate the thought taken at curating a menu that’s well suited for everyone.

From beginning to end, we loved it!


Buy your tickets HERE!



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