My REPTILIA Experience

Reptilia is truly a large, interactive experience. My family was excited to go and visit and it didn’t disappoint. My kids (4.5 and 3) loved the snakes (obviously) and the alligators. The space itself was large but not overwhelming in terms of the number of displays.

The tucked away playground was fun and my kids spent some time going through the tunnels and down the slides.

We particularly enjoyed the live show where an instructor brought around various reptiles for my family and the audience to get up close and personal with.

In terms of areas that I would suggest improving upon: the opportunities for visitors to purchase food on the premises. Perhaps building a separate cafe or even a vending machine towards the entrance.

Also the other question is the temperature within the facility itself. While I understand that many if not all the reptiles and amphibians within the venue require heat and warmth to sustain/survive – there must be a better way to control the temperature while walking through the venue. I saw a number of patrons literally sweating and complaining about the heat within the facility.

Overall, I thought Reptilia was a really interesting and great learning experience for all.

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