This past weekend, I went to see Breakin’ Convention at The Sony Centre for Performing Arts. I knew I was going to be watching breakdancing but what I didn’t realize was how intricately dynamic the performances were going to be. There were dancers from around the world showcasing their amazing talents. I was truly blown away by their abilities and crowing pleasing moves!

One of the highlights of the evening was during intermission when a large crowd formed in the lobby and a dance off ensued. Obviously, I stepped in and did my best “mom dance” a combination of the running man meets step-by-change meets a super uncoordinated woman. It was fun. A whole bunch of people laughed and I had the best night!!


I definitely recommend following the Breakin’ Convention peeps on Instagram and coming out to their show next year. I know I’ll definitely be tuning in!

Follow Breakin’ Convention on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/breakinconvention/

Follow The Sony Centre for Performing Artshttp://www.sonycentre.ca



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