From the moment we arrived to Young People’s Theatre till the show was over we were truly mesmerized. Incredible set design (colourful/animated); super interactive storyline (poignant and realistic); and truly an unbelievable cast (Spiker and Sponge amongst the others). We (the audience) really felt for James and followed his trials and tribulations on the edge of our seats.

While some may find the elements within the production “dark” (the death of his parents), I actually thought it provided a good starting point for parents/caregivers to discuss these issues (death) with their children. I did.

The entire cast did an excellent job conveying the original narrative. I thought the character voices were phenomenal and the performers deserved that standing ovation we gave them at the end of the show.

James and the Giant Peach is a must watch production! Young People’s Theatre never fails to disappoint!!

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