My Review of Lady Gaga’s #ARTBIRTH

I recently went to see the acclaimed lady gaga impersonator, Athena Reich perform #ARTBIRTH – under the guise of the directorial greatness of Sara Schwartz Geller Productions. This is no ordinary production, Athena puts on a fantastic spectacle of singing and dancing that rivals Lady Gaga’s own showmanship. Athena’s voice is pitch perfect and her athleticism is something to aspire towards (yet most of us fail to do so :-)). The back-up dancers are ridiculously good looking and move so effortlessly!

In terms of show content, it’s definitely MOM Rant friendly and is full of funny one-liners! Everything from “breast milk saves the world” to the audience participating as her “little monsters” – fantastic from start to finish!

I loved it. I really really did. You will as well, trust me! Run to see #ARTBIRTH!!

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