My Review of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament:

My family and I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament for a feast of epic proportions and a spectacle of a performance. From the moment we walked in and received our crown we were transformed to the medieval period.

Greetings from the King and Queen were followed by celebratory announcements. The lights went down, the music began and my children screamed in glee. It was an exhilarating production. The horses were breathtakingly beautiful.

We felt truly apart of the action. We shouted for our team to win and yelled at the others to fail. 


The feast was plentiful. I was surprised that the kids received the same meal as adults. Definitely an added bonus to the experience. The meat was cooked perfectly and we were full by the time dessert came. The service was prompt and friendly.

I thought the overall experience was fantastic and I would definitely recommend attending this show to others.

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