My Review of Rexall Drugstore’s Nosh & Co. (Crunchy Munchy) product line:

I love when organizations send me food to review. I especially love when the products are SNACKS! I mean who doesn’t love snacks?!! I basically hid in an upstairs room to open the basket. I know my kids (and my husband for that matter) would have devoured the items in ten seconds flat. I knew I had to take cover and peel the layers back slowly to fully appreciate the treasures that lay inside! 🙂

Here’s my take:


I was delighted to try Rexall Drugstore’s Nosh & Co. (Crunchy Munchy) product line. They sent me a fabulous basket filled with all kinds of yummy goodies. The first thing I tried (and I allowed my kids and hubby to sample as well! I’m not that mean ;)) was the Raw Fruit & Nut Mix – I really liked how it was low in salt and high in flavour. It had an excellent assortment of almonds, raisins, cashews and various seeds.

My hubby loved the Roasted & Salted Pumpkin Seeds, and the Unsalted Roasted Shelled Sunflower Seeds. He’s a big seed guy! 😉 I tried both and thought they were also good. Not my go-to-snack choice in the stores but definitely something to put your hunger at bay and a nice light snack!

The Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars were a big hit with my kids. I like how they are low in sodium and have zero trans fat!! Some of the other commercial bars are filled with tons of sugar and loaded with additives (not to mention trans and saturated fat!). 

The Kettle-Cooked, Lightly Salted Popcorn was awesome. Really great. I don’t really feel like popcorn can wow me anymore but this definitely was an awesome crunch and salt combination. Definitely movie theatre worthy!!

My overall favourite was the Cranberry with Praline Almonds. OMG people. These were EVERYTHING! Sweet and salty but not over the top. Definitely crunchy and super delicious. I think these were almost gone within the hour. A true testament to the deliciousness in the bag! I will be consuming these again and again (did I mention again?!! ;))

Overall, I think these products are awesome. I like that a bunch of them are made in Canada.

Cool to also find out that they’re Kosher as well! Yay and Shalom! 🙂

I’m going to roll myself to my bed now. After eating all these snacks, I need a nap!!

Visit a @RexallDrugstoreOfficial location today to pick up some #NoshCo snacks!! 

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