My husband and I (and a few friends) went to see Shaolin Warriors at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. For those of you that don’t know, Shaolin Warriors are a group of skilled kung-fu masters who put on an exhilarating show highlighting qigong, animal imitation boxing, drunken boxing artistry among others.


The beginning was beautifully choreographed. The scenery and the music overall was phenomenal. It felt as though we were transported back to ancient warrior times. I did feel as though it took a bit of time to show the audience the skill set of these warriors.

My favourite part was when they invited children and adults (in separate segments) to the stage for a “training session.”  I volunteered and believed I would be practicing with other adults and found myself grouped with the kids (which made the experience all the more interesting and humourous).

The Shaolin Warriors are funny – scenes of pretend play and fighting are met with cheers from the audience.

We all enjoyed our evening watching these gifted kung-fu masters at work!

A true visual delight!

For more information on upcoming Sony Centre for the Performing Arts productions, click on their site here:

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