My Review of Sky Zone Trampoline Park!!

I recently went with my family to Sky Zone Toronto and from the moment we walked in till the time we left we had the BEST time.

Let’s start this review by first pointing out the obvious: I’m not in shape. I’ve had 3 kids who have done a number on my body! 😉 I didn’t think I was going to sweat as much as I did. I didn’t think I would be huffing and puffing as I jumped my way from square to square, but I did. I didn’t think that I would enjoy the experience as much as my kids, but I did. I really have turned into a Sky Zone believer and fan. 🙂

If I went for it, you can too! That’s the lesson from this experience kids! 😉

So let’s get down to the specifics – when we walked in we filled out our safety waivers (standard practice) got our Sky Socks and we were greeted by Mark (the Business Development Manager on site). He was awesome and super attentive! It wasn’t just for us folks, I saw the same kind of care given to each and every participant in the park at that time. CARING instructors with smiling faces greeted everyone as they jumped and played.

We went to the ball pit area and I will admit, I was SUPER hesitant. Downright afraid, anxious and any other word you can think of. I mean the last time I jumped freely – I think I was like 12.

I obviously needed support and immediately staff were cheering me on and saying I can do it! I felt like Rocky but in an aging, non athletic way 😉 I took the plunge and JUMPED and it was AMAZING! Mind you, I couldn’t get up from the blocks (my husband was laughing –  thanks for the support babe!) but my kids were screaming with glee watching me. It was a proud MOM moment!! (You can catch the video of my jump in TMR’s fan page!)

This place is designed for all kinds of jumpers – young and old. It really caters to the idea of ADVENTURE and FREEDOM, all the while providing a great WORKOUT. My kids loved the climbing apparatus and the basketball hoop activity. 

My husband and I had a blast jumping in the adults section. We both got some great air beneath us. This is fantastic physical activity. You will SWEAT! You will have a blast!! Your kids will thank you! Mine did. 🙂 In fact, we heard a ton of “When are we coming back?”

I told them very soon!

Overall, I would say Sky Zone Trampoline Park is an incredible place to visit with your family, and friends. They have all sorts of interesting activities (glow in the dark adventures /dodgeball). They hold birthday parties – there were a number of them going on when we were there! The kids and the parents seemed really happy.

I like how the STAFF are super ATTENTIVE. The facilities are CLEAN (including the bathroom – that’s a big one!) and most of all that people are having fun and enjoying themselves. I did. My family did. Yours will too!

Visit Sky Zone today!! They have five locations – Toronto, Vaughan, Mississauga, Whitby and Kitchener!

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