Last year I went to a MOMS event and in my goody bag was a few samples of Zax’s Original products: Dark Circle Eye Cream + Original Bruise Cream and I fell in love. I used every drop in those packets and I was longing for more!!

Fast forward to today, I’m excited to show you these incredible Canadian crafted products that will change your health and beauty regimen for good!

You know I always tell it like it is and this is no exception. I’m a big believer in Zax’s Originals because of the following:

  • pharmacist developed
  • natural remedies
  • proudly Canadian company
  • family owned
  • fast, effective and no-nonsense treatments
  • trustworthy products
  • effective solutions for you and your family

Zax’s Original skincare line includes the following products:

All of Zax’s products can be purchased at various retailers including: Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, leading health stores and online at: http://www.zaxhealth.com and on Amazon.

Let’s begin with Zax’s Original Bruise Cream:

It has natural ingredients including: Arnica, Witch Hazel and Menthol. Watch as I put it on Zoë’s face (she ended up having two bruises on her forehead area). Perfect timing indeed!!


It’s true that kids get lots of bumps and bruises. I have used pretty much everything on the market and Zax’s Bruise Cream is top for me and my family. It’s a product that actually WORKS!!! The other really awesome thing about this product is that it doesn’t burn or smell (for kids, that’s a HUGE win!)

The other product that customers are really loving is the Zax’s Bruise Vitamin:

Now while I haven’t personally tried it yet, I plan on it as I do bruise easily. What makes this product unique and stand out is it’s an antioxidant. You use it to maintain your health! As listed on the bottle, it helps in connective tissue formation, wound healing and helps to maintain healthy skin, BONUS!!

Zax’s Bruise Cream + Bruise vitamin is a great combination tool to battle bruising and in maintaining/improving overall skin health. This is a bestseller for Zax’s and the proof is definitely in the product. Try it today and you’ll love it too!!

The next product I want to showcase is Zax’s Facial Redness Cream:

Here’s the thing: Kevin ALWAYS complains that he has redness around his t-zone area (sides of his nose) and he hasn’t been able to find a product that helps to cover it up while improving his overall skin. He also doesn’t like products that are super greasy and expensive. Voila, the Facial Redness Cream was a HUGE hit for him. Take a look:

IMG_0483 2

He’s a great model, isn’t he?! 😉

The next Zax’s Original product that I want to show you is the Scar Fading Cream:

With natural ingredients such as: Pine Bark (so cool), Calendula extracts, Aloe and Vitamin E. These are ingredients that you can trust for your whole family! That’s a biggie for me. Here’s the thing: when I was a kid, I got a really bad case of the chicken pox. I was told not to itch/scratch but of course I went nuts and I was left with a bunch of scars as a result. I plan on using this product on those areas. See the video below that I created to show you how light the cream is and frankly, it works!


The next product I want to talk about is Zax’s Original Darkspot Cream:

When you hear of dark spots, you immediately think older people only get this, well let me tell you, it’s on me too! I mostly have them on my hands. I blame the husband for these! 😉 When I found out that Zax’s made a cream just for dark spots I was elated to be honest. I have tried a bunch of stuff in my local health food store and it didn’t work! Zax’s Original Darkspot Cream is specifically formulated to brighten the skin using natural ingredients!!

Here’s my insight + product demonstration of Zax’s Original Darkspot Cream:

IMG_0515 (2)

One of my favourite products that Zax’s makes is their Original Dark-Circle Eye Cream:

This is the product that I received at that MOM event I went to. It was a sample and I squeezed out every last drop! 😉 It really is that good!! Stop spending hundreds on fancy under eye creams, this is the ultimate product that really WORKS!!! It has natural ingredients including: Witch Hazel, Caffeine + Cucumber Extract!! My bags were noticeably lighter and I found less puffiness after only a few days!! Trust me you won’t go wrong with this incredible product!!

See my video here:


The next product I want to talk more about is Zax’s Heelspur Cream:

Listen mamas, we don’t take care of ourselves enough. This includes our tired feet!! I regularly see a Chiropodist and let me tell you the procedure to relieve pressure from my in-grown nails is excruciating!! I’m so glad there’s a product out there that works in combination with my treatment!! All natural ingredients including: Arnica, Ginger and Menthol. Zax’s Original Heelspur Cream helps to improve your feet (by tackling the soreness and discomfort). Here’s a video of Kevin using the product (he has super sore + dry/flaky feet):


MOMS, summer is here and that means so are those pesky bugs! I’m a definite bug hater and it’s because they always seem to find me and my skin!! I’m so glad there’s a product in the market that relieves that annoying itching!! Introducing: Zax’s Bug Bite & Itch Cream!! (their newest product):

I love that it has all natural ingredients including: Colloidal Oatmeal, Tea Tree oil, Menthol and Witch Hazel. Check out my videos with Zoë who seems to be the target of many bug bites! 😉



Once again, I’m so glad to be able to shine light on these amazing products perfect for your whole family! You can find out more information about Zax’s Orginals HERE! 




Disclaimer: Compensation and product was provided for this review. All comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.


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