This past weekend I went to The Collective Influence event put on by MOM Bloggers and friends of mine, Kate from Emmett’sABCs and Andrea from HarlowandThistle. These ladies came together to create a wonderful community of learning and discovery – where all Influencers can achieve greatness! I love their mantra: Community over Competition. Especially in the constantly evolving and highly competitive social media world, having a space to learn from others in a warm and welcoming environment is so appreciated.

As a Facebook group admin of close to 12K MOMS, I spend a ton of time on social media. I’m always interacting with group members, fellow influencers and brands. All these relationships are important and I take my job and business seriously. I love bringing in friends/influencers to opportunities that are presented to me! I’ve always lived by the mantra of helping others. I think it’s a great trait to have. Thanks MOM and DAD!! 🙂

While some other Influencers may be less inclined/reluctant to discuss potential opportunities with others, I see it as a great opportunity to work together in an authentic way. Organizations such as Collective Influence Co understand how important community is!! You’re only as strong as the team you surround yourself with!

Thanks so much Collective Influence Co! I can’t wait to attend many more events!!




To find out more about the wonderful community:

Collective Influence Co: https://instagram.com/collectiveinfluenceco

Emmett’sABCs: https://instagram.com/emmettsabcs

HarlowandThistle: https://instagram.com/harlowandthistle


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