Hey friends!!

I’m so excited that my first ever podcast is officially LIVE on iTunes!! I couldn’t believe how fast the process was. I’ve heard my fair share of horror stories but I was elated (to say the least) when I received that “congratulations your podcast is officially on iTunes” email.

Let me start by saying the journey to podcast creation began well over 5 years ago. This is when I began to realize there wasn’t a SAFE space for me to RANT about motherhood. It was a tough time emotionally for me. I was newly married with a child on the way and experiencing all the various ailments that many MOMS face. I felt connected to my friends but disconnected to a wider community at large. Yes, there were other MOM groups at that time but NONE that welcomed a space for MOMS to speak their mind freely. I started The MOM Rant in 2012. At that time, I also ventured into radio – specifically at SiriusXM hosting my own show. It was a 5 minute soundbite and it was fun to do. I really enjoyed writing the episodes and engaging with fans!! This lasted well over a year and I had a whole bunch of listeners from around the world following what I had to say. It felt really great!!

Back to TMR – it has since blossomed into a wonderful community of MOMS from all over the world. MOMS that needed a safe space to speak their minds. It has become a portal for others to commiserate and to partake in the joys of motherhood. The MOM Rant isn’t just a space for venting, many MOMS post heartfelt raves about their lives. I’m so thankful and grateful to all the MOMS who make the group the incredible space it is today – thriving and continually evolving – with over 10.5k MOMS we are force to be reckoned with!

Thus, The MOM Rant podcast is born!

I always knew I had to get back into radio. Now is the best time – all 3 kids are in school (phew!!) and thankfully, everyone is healthy and generally happy! 😉

I’m excited for MOMS to hear my podcast. I really do tell it like it is. I’ve always been that type – laying it all on the line (at times to my detriment ;)). This show is a TRUE portrait of what I think and how I act. I know my language may be offensive to some BUT it’s me and I’ve always been as authentic as humanly possible.

So here goes…


I hope you enjoy listening to the episodes as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Stay tuned for some super awesome upcoming episodes and fantastic collaborations!!

As always, I welcome your input. Send me an email with topic suggestions: [email protected]



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    26 11 2017

    Female Howard Stern..love it!!!

    This is what us “MOMS” need
    Réal everyday topics
    Its about time!!

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