Today my first born turned six years old. It was a day of festivities and excitement (for him and us!) You see 6 years ago today, while I was in labour for an extended period of time (hella long time!!) the fetal monitor attached to my belly started beeping loudly. In walks a whole team of doctors and nurses to tell me that my baby’s heart rate is dropping (mine too) and they needed to do a c-section. I wasn’t prepared for a c-section. I had every plan in place for a vaginal delivery (with a ton of meds of course ;)) but I definitely wasn’t ready to have my stomach cut open. You know what though, as terrified as I was and as much pain as I was in post surgery, I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

The point of this post is to say no matter how you plan for things, the saying that g-d laughs is an understatement. They say expect the unexpected and I think with all things labour and delivery that saying is so true! No matter how he came into this world, we’re so blessed to have him!! I would’ve preferred not as much pain post-surgery but we can’t all be winners, can we?! 😉

So today and everyday we celebrate our sweet boy Zach. He’s a funny, strong, smart and beautiful boy who is deeply loved by all those who know him.

We’re the lucky ones to call him our son.

Happy Birthday to Zach!



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