Isn’t it true that we value loyalty above all else?!! When it comes to our friends, family and things we use the most, loyalty reigns supreme!  That’s where the PC Insiders Program comes to mind. I recently subscribed to the service and I have to say, I’m HOOKED! This is what is included for the $99/year subscription fee:

  • FREE shipping from Shoppers Drug Mart + Joe Fresh
  • FREE PC Express Pickup to buy the items I NEED + WANT!
  • $99 credit towards PC Travel Services!!!
  • SURPRISE gift + so much more!

You can also opt to pay the $9.99/month fee but you don’t get the travel voucher or surprise gift. Either way it’s a WIN!! Did I mention the bonus of subscribing to the program?! Every time you BUY PC ORGANICS, PC BLACK LABEL, BABY DIAPERS + FORMULA, JOE FRESH, Luxury products by beautyBOUTIQUE at SHOPPERS DRUG MART you get 20% back in POINTS!! That’s HUGE! This means the subscription pays for itself! I love the idea of shopping and being rewarded for it!

The FREE shipping from Shoppers Drug Mart + Joe Fresh allow you to buy all your must haves while hanging out in your PJ’s!! It allows you to spend time doing things that you love!

I may or may not have gotten overboard on my last PC ORGANICS + PC BLACK LABEL shopping trip but I couldn’t help myself. I got so many in-store deals + cash back towards my purchase. It was one of the best shopping experiences I’ve had.

Trust me when I say I feel connected to the PC Insiders Program. It’s great VALUE for your money!

To find out more about this awesome program, click HERE!






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