Listen up MOMS, do you #KnowPsO?!

Hi MOMS, I recently had the pleasure of attending a VERY important event hosted by AbbVie all about Psoriasis. I was SHOCKED to hear there are over 125 million people living with Psoriasis!   Some KEY takeaways I learned from the event include: 1️⃣ Psoriasis can appear in the genital area and many people don’t TELL their doctor about it (they suffer in silence and alone). What makes this point […]

My Gestational Diabetes Story – Let’s Talk about Hypos!!

Hi MOMS, This blog post is very personal to me and that’s because I’m sharing that while pregnant with Benny, I developed Gestational Diabetes. While having this “condition” during pregnancy wasn’t life ending it was life altering and I had to be closely monitored by various doctors. Gestational diabetes is no joke. I was on a strict diet for the duration of my pregnancy and I was fearful that Benny […]

Incredible Experience at the Harlem Globetrotters Game!!

Hi MOMS, My family and I recently had the pleasure of attending a Harlem Globetrotters show as they performed in Mississauga. We started off the day with the pre-show aka the “Magic Pass” and it allows kids to throw some shots and pose with their favourite performers. I thought this pre-show was really fun and allowed them to feel involved and connected. I definitely recommend adding this experience to your Globetrotters […]

Why the PC Insiders Program ROCKS!! TMR Approved!!

Hi MOMS, Isn’t it true that we value loyalty above all else?!! When it comes to our friends, family and things we use the most, loyalty reigns supreme!  That’s where the PC Insiders Program comes to mind. I recently subscribed to the service and I have to say, I’m HOOKED! This is what is included for the $99/year subscription fee: FREE shipping from Shoppers Drug Mart + Joe Fresh FREE […]

RAVE: Djuki Mala is a MUST SEE production!!

Hi MOMS, I recently went to see Djuki Mala at the Bluma Appel Theatre courtesy of LIVE TO and it was an incredible show. The show is an eclectic mix of dancing, theatrics and phenomenal storytelling. These four men from a small town in Northern Australia are living the dream because of their tenacious energy and radiating spirit! They danced to popular songs and showed off their moves to great […]

RAVE: Run (don’t walk) to see Cirque Éloize, Hotel!!!

Hi MOMS, I recently took my girlfriend to see Cirque Éloize, Hotel and what a delightful show it was. After having seen their production last year, I knew I was in for a treat! This year was no exception. The story line takes place in a hotel and the characters are outrageous and talented. Flips, jumps, hula hoops, balls, tightrope and so much more! The singing was magnificent and pulled […]

RAVE: We went to visit Medieval Times, Dinner & Tournament and it was so FUN!!

Hi MOMS, This past week we went to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament and it was an absolute blast! I loved the show (and the kids went crazy!!) they were cheering so loudly (we were the BLUE team) that I think that’s why our section WON! 😉 Not only was the show so fun and exciting but the food was equally yummy. On the menu: Tomato soup + garlic bread; […]

RAVE: My interview with the great, Ross Petty!!

Hi MOMS, As you know, I’m a HUGE Wizard of Oz fan and I know so many of you are as well! That’s why when I partnered with Ross Petty Productions to giveaway a family four pack of tickets to see The Wizard of Oz – A Tot0-ly Twistered Family Musical, you were so excited!! The film is definitely a significant part of my childhood and I really can’t wait […]

The MOM Rant Holiday Gift Guide is HERE!!

Welcome to The MOM Rant Holiday Gift Guide! I’m so thrilled to be bringing you The MOM Rant Holiday Gift Guide filled with the TOP brands who deliver the BEST in experiences/services and produce the HIGHEST quality products! You’ll find a range of businesses that cater to you and your family. I’ve hand picked these businesses because they CARE about MOMS and VALUE their experiences and specifically CREATE products and […]

Hanukkah is here!!

Hi MOMS, It’s the most wonderful time of the year for MOI + my family!! It’s Hanukkah!!! The official start date is this Sunday, December 2nd but we started celebrating early! My brother arrived last night and we’ve been enjoying the sights, sounds and eats of Toronto! Some key highlights of Hanukkah celebrations include: a) copious amounts of food – think Latka (potato pancake) + Sufganiyot (donuts either plain or […]

It’s Giving Tuesday!! Ways to give back, TMR style!

Hi MOMS, If you haven’t heard, today is #GivingTuesday. Essentially that means giving back somehow to your community. Something very close to my heart is North York General Hospital. They saved my son’s life back in 2016. Benny was always a super happy boy and mischievous to say the least. One morning back in November of 2016, he woke up unable to fully walk on his feet. We honestly thought […]

RAVE: ENTER to WIN a $100 Gift Card to AMAZON + A 2nd Pair of Orthotics for only $150, courtesy of HealthCasa!

Hi Moms, I have an amazing contest going on right now in our group, fan page and on IG. The incredible peeps at HealthCasa are giving away a $100 Amazon gift card + 2nd pair of Orthotics for only $150!! That’s a steal!! HealthCasa is an fantastic service of Chiropodists/Podiatrists that make house calls to take care of your feet in the comfort of your own home! I loved them […]

I’m excited to announce The MOM Rant Newsletter is HERE!!

Hi MOMS, It’s been 6 years in the making and it’s finally here! I’ve created a newsletter just for you!! See all the amazing upcoming contests/giveaways FIRST and catch a sneak peek at exclusive discounts and opportunities for BONUS CONTEST BALLOTS!! EASY and FREE to SUBSCRIBE: Stay tuned for some incredible giveaways just in time for the holiday season!! Head on over to the group/fan page for our latest contest […]

EASY meal prep/lunch ideas for Back To School – MOM Rant Style 😉

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, BACK TO SCHOOL!! I rejoice at the thought of my eldest child entering Grade 1 but I have had nightmares in regards to preparing his lunches and I know, I’m not the only one! That’s until I walked into a Kitchen Stuff Plus store and found everything to make my life EASY for back to school meal prep/lunch ideas. You see, being […]

Happy Birthday, CANADA!!

Hi MOMS, We’ve had a super busy day today celebrating Canada’s 151st Birthday!! We love any excuse for a celebration so today was an extra special one! You could call us proud Canadians! We love living in this country – one that has allowed our parents to live free and without any prejudice (unlike the communist countries they came from). Tonight we will celebrate with fireworks and lots of Canadian […]

Messenger Kids is Now Available in CANADA!! Woohoo, Ranters!!

Hi MOMS, I was recently invited to an exclusive event at Facebook headquarters to witness the launch of their new and revolutionary product, Messenger Kids.   Simply put it’s going to revolutionize the way our children communicate with each other. I love the APP for a number of reasons: a) Easy to use; b) It’s safe and secure; c) Incorporates educational imaginative play and d) Allows kids to just be […]

Heavy Period Talk Comedy Show – It’s serious, period!

Hi MOMS, Recently I was invited to a very fun and informative event, The Heavy Period Talk Comedy Show. This was put on by the great folks at Ehm&Co. It was filled with influencers, change makers and comedians. It started off with the dynamic duo of Jess Beaulieu & Natalie Norman who have a podcast called, The Crimson Wave and talk all things period related! They shared personal stories of […]

The Collective Influence Event: Community over Competition!!

Hi MOMS, This past weekend I went to The Collective Influence event put on by MOM Bloggers and friends of mine, Kate from Emmett’sABCs and Andrea from HarlowandThistle. These ladies came together to create a wonderful community of learning and discovery – where all Influencers can achieve greatness! I love their mantra: Community over Competition. Especially in the constantly evolving and highly competitive social media world, having a space to learn from […]

RANT & RAVE: Curly hair, don’t care! 😉

Hi MOMS, I love my curls (on most days) but that wasn’t always the case. You see my parents cut my hair when I was a young girl which made it super puffy, frizzy and too difficult to manage. I pretty much lived in hair ties and scrunchies! In my teens/young adulthood, whenever I had time, I would try and straighten it. This was hours of work only to get […]

Today is Zach’s 6th Birthday!!

Hi MOMS, Today my first born turned six years old. It was a day of festivities and excitement (for him and us!) You see 6 years ago today, while I was in labour for an extended period of time (hella long time!!) the fetal monitor attached to my belly started beeping loudly. In walks a whole team of doctors and nurses to tell me that my baby’s heart rate is […]

Joe Fresh Shopping Extravaganza!!

Hi MOMS, This past weekend I went to a Joe Fresh event put on by the lovely people at Ehm&Co. We got mini manicures, ate scrumptious treats and had fun in a photo booth! Most of all, we shopped!!  I like to buy clothes for my three kids that are well priced and functional. I want to make sure they last through their various activities. I trust the Joe Fresh […]

Pastucci’s Canada Media Event!!

Hi MOMS, I recently went to the Pastucci’s Canada media event and I have to say I was really impressed with my overall experience. I met the owners who were super knowledgeable and willing to share all that it takes to run a restaurant (no small feat to say the least!). I was given a tour of the menu items which includes over 25 different types of pastas – including […]

Civic Theatres Toronto 2018-2019 Season Launch!!

I was honoured to be invited to the Civic Theatres Toronto 2018-2019 season launch this past week. It was an evening of incredible performances and highlights from what the audience can expect this coming year in terms of programming. From various films in concert (think Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire featuring the Toronto Symphony Orchestra) to festivals (Breakin’ Convention) to circus performances (Cirque Eloize), Civic Theatres Toronto has […]

#LocalLove makes it easy to give back!!

MOMS, (Photo credit: Yesterday, I attended the most incredible gathering of change-makers and inspiring people (many of whom were MOMS). Everyone had one goal in mind and that was to give back to their community. The notion that WE CAN make a difference is easier then I had imagined. You see, the #locallove campaign addressed the ideas that anyone can help out in their communities. Simple acts of kindness […]

Another school shooting?!! Action needs to happen now!!

RANT: Taking this picture yesterday at Zoë’s in-class birthday party makes me think of what is “right” and precious in this world. Hearing about the school shooting puts my life as a MOM in perspective. My job is to protect my kids while at the same time, teaching them a number of important skills including: kindness, empathy, confidence, patience and respect of others. No one can ever truly prepare to […]

Super Bowl Halftime Show + This is Us!!

Here’s my recap of the TV festivities last night: In terms of the Super Bowl – I was only watching it for the hot men. There, I said it! 😉 I mean who can resist a hot man in tights? I don’t know anything about the game but I find myself loving it when I see them hug each other. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 🙂 The […]

My Grammy Recap!!

Oh What a Night…The Grammys in NYC!! What a way to start the show with the one and only, Kendrick Lamar. He put on a spectacle of artistry that was filled with important messages and themes and heart pounding beats. I was riveted and enthralled by his performance. I’ve always had a soft spot for hip-hop/rap (I wrote my doctoral thesis in that precise topic) but I truly feel like […]

My #GoldenGlobes #metoo #timesup recap – #Oprah2020

Dear Ranters, I still can’t get over the enormous and significant impact that Hollywood signified to the world during the Golden Globes. From the #metoo and #timesup movement to the speeches that showed resilience and strength for women and those persecuted. I’m a believer! This was an important message to send to the Hollywood community and beyond. Violence against women is not a new phenomenon, women have been secondary citizens […]

Ep: 3 – In Law WARS

This podcasting thing is fun! You get to say whatever is on your mind. I love it! This week I decided to tackle the dreaded IN-LAWS rant: There are a TON of MOMS who have posted about their in-laws being terrible for so many reasons. I decided that it was time to really reflect on this topic in the only way I know how – from personal experience. 😉 Yes, […]

Time to start blogging 😉

Hey friends!! I’m so excited that my first ever podcast is officially LIVE on iTunes!! I couldn’t believe how fast the process was. I’ve heard my fair share of horror stories but I was elated (to say the least) when I received that “congratulations your podcast is officially on iTunes” email. Let me start by saying the journey to podcast creation began well over 5 years ago. This is when […]


As I sit at the computer thinking of how to put into words to explain how my son has an anxious mother, my anxiety rises. I think of who will read this and what will they think of me? Will they skip to the end to see how it ends? Will they empathize me? Will they pity me? Or will they think that I’m unfit to be a mother if […]

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